Survival in the Sea of Technology

Why is technology integration important?????
Website- Wikispaces ; Google Sites
Email/Docs- Google Docs ; Outlook
Blog- Edublogs
Great Examples:
Brooke Buxton's Wikispaces Website
Amanda Donaho's Website (paid domain and software)
Teachers Rock Test site for Google Sites
Skype- a way to connect with others around the world!

Social Bookmarking-Delicious; Diigo
RSS- Bloglines ; Google Reader
Graphic Organizers- Gliffy; Bubblus
Great Examples:
Bottom of this page in sidebar (RSS of latest bookmarks in Diigo)
Example of a mindmap from Bubblus

Media Voicethread; Podomatic; GCast
Games- Top 100 educational games; Powerpoint games; More Powerpoint Games
Interactive tools- Elmo; Mimio; Interwrite Pad
Great Examples:
Podcasts done from phones through GCast